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Still no HTML knowledge... oh well..  Some new stuff - re-made a very old song of mine "Monster".
HD quality video - "
CD quality track - "
Monster MP3"

Check out the Youtube vid here - 



Happy New Year, everyone!

(Note to self: learn the damn HTML.)

Yes, it's been a while. Gee, where to start. I'm not dead. My music isn't dead. My mom has died though... It's been tough... Didn't really picture it so soon.

Anyway, I've been uploading a bunch of tracks here but was pretty darn lazy to update my "blog". I should probably install that VVB or whateverthefuckitis that my host provides here for blogging. And I'm a techie. Yeah, right. I hate coding of any type and I'm sure that blogging engine will require some tender coder's touch which I don't posses nor willing to obtain.. I design, draw pictures and, in other words, like to be visually and for the most part soundly (??) creative. But not this coding b.s., sorry, it ain't me. So, without further adooo.. here are the links to my latest works that I didn't write anything about earlier. And there is A LOT!

"Right-click/Save as" on each link to download the .mp3 files

"Bee Jive"  -  my friend Emily and I decided to write the kids songs. This is a second tune we did, in a rock'n'roll-ish alternative style. Don't expect much here, just a kiddo's tune. :)

"In The Air (with Emily)" - this is a remake of my original song "in the air" but in an alternative acoustic style. I think it came out pretty well. Emily's vocals are very dynamic and interesting, she's really awesome to work with! (duh, that's why we're working together.. :)

"Your Woman" - finally was able to put out a good remake worth mentioning. This is a cover of a famous hit by Whitetown. Emily's vocals give this tune a rather interesting and almost street style folk sound. Definitely worth checking out.

"You'll Be Fine" - one of Emily's and mine experimental tunes that we had high hopes for but.. well.. it's a rather simple tango-ish track that leaves a lot of room for improvement.

"Cat And A Bird" - I personally think this is our (Emily and me) best work. It's a kids tune but in a nice, smooth and interesting progression with some of the cutest lyrics ever. Emily wrote them when she was 14. :)

"Lost" - I believe this is the only trip-hop track I wrote in the whole 2009. It's ok, nothing fancy.

"Bang, Bang!" - it's the very first track Emily and I worked on. Her street-style, almost yelling like vocals are a perfect fit for this classic remake.

"33 (years old)" - Initially I wanted to write a comical or funny song but in the end it turned out to be a rather crappy cry for help. Folk style.

"Maple, You're So Naked" - This is my favorite track from 2009. It's a remake of a very famous Russian romance song, done in a fused genre, sort of a mix between folk, alternative acoustic rock, some elements of the trip-hop (moody sounds) and pretty messed up lyrics. The words are a loose translation of the Russian poem. The translation is pretty rough and it's not exactly following the proper English language sentence construction styles, yet it works amazingly well. Kudos to Alex from StrangeBodyMovements for this amazing poetic work! (wink:))

"Smile" - A very cute and melodic tune about .. well.. nothing really. Some romantic encounter at the bar. I used a kazoo in this tune, someone gave it to me at the bar in Dallas, Tx.

"Monster" - An acoustic remake of one of my early electronic works. Some dark yet confusing lyrics, I'm still trying to understand what the hell it was that I was thinking about when I wrote it.

"I don't want to set the world on fire" - The title speaks for itself. It's a remake of a famous 40's track by Ink Spots, which was resurrected in to world masses by a video game FallOut3.

"Sealed With A Kiss" - well.. if you don't recognize this tune then you're probably not from this planet. A remake.

You can always go directly in to my music folder and see if there are any tracks that I missed in this update:




Sup, Y'all.. :) Got couple of tracks here, uhm. First one is the trip-hop tune "I Am". I wrote it a while back, but couldn't get the vocals quite right. After a bit of the alteration and shuffling stuff around I finally agreed with myself on the version that I liked. Strange, weird.. you know - PSM.. :) Check it out.

The second track is named "Exotic". It's a vocal-less eletronica track, I made it up to fit the vocals of Rob Jeffries from AcidPlanet (unfortunately don't the link to his AP page). Anyhow, it's been couple of months since I sent him this track and he hasn't replied, so I presume he either hated my version of just super busy. The most  probable fact is probably he hated it. But I can still post it here! :) Enjoy, it's pure electronica, a bit repetitive and lacks intro/ending, but oh well, me no care. Cheers.

Yes, it's been 4 months since my last update. I should really start paying more attention to this site.. But oh, well.. I update it when I think it's worth updating. And today it is!! Yes! So, I wrote a new song "Night Walk", a rather catchy cute tune. Everything in it is unplugged. That's right. Acoustic guitar, ukulele, finger snaps, drums, even the bass.. which is just me going "uhm.. pum.. pum.." :)) Hehe. Anyhow, I posted it on youtube:

Also, I've done 2 more songs since May, didn't really post them here then, so here they are:

Addiction - this is a rather gloomy track about the virtues of human addiction to pretty much anything... It's got nice spoken poetry and then a catchy hook/chorus.

See Ya, my dear - this is a kind of a cool track, featuring my buddy Will Spiro on the saxophone. It also has a great hook...

I know there weren't much of the updates on my site since.. err.. Last YEAR!! damnnit..
Anyhow, but this time the update is pretty huge - the www.Acidplanet.com website decided to put up a remix contest featuring yours truly with our song called "I hate my job". Check out the contest page here:  http://www.acidplanet.com/PSM    And don't forget about the PRIZES!! Yay! (the original track is available on this site, just click on 'music' on top of the page, under the main picture)

I guess I'm productive only on a per month basis.. hmm.. Anyway, here's another installment to the PSM trip-hop flavah, this time it's a bit on an animal side - wolves. Some classic trip-hop beat patterns and a tasty chorus. "Sweet Yellow Eyes" - check it out.. Here are the lyrics. I hope the song's not too disturbing with the wolves crying and all..

Heard a cool song on a radio.. "Elevator" by Hot Hot Heat... Awesome freaking song.. Here's my rendition of the track  - Elevator. Check it out.. :))

Another installment for your ukulele collection - Fever. Check it out.. :))

I have finally started the process and will try to release my first CD this fall. Come to think of it it's been 10 years.. I think it's finally the time. Anyway, I'll post the updates on the progress of the CD later. And for now I did a little silly cover of the song "Whorehoppin'"  by Eagles Of Death Metal, which you can check out here: "Whorehoppin'(cover)". It's an R rated material, so no kiddies, please.. :))

Another month down the time toilet.. ehh.. Anyway, I've got couple of new tracks down, but nothing ground-breaking. Decided to post my remake song "Nature Boy" on YouTube. I have no one to shoot the video for me so I borrowed it (yeah, yeah, I know.. but hey, it's not stealing - it's web2.0 !). Anyway, check it out here, I think it fits the mood of the song pretty darn well. The vid is from Gorillaz "El Manana" music video. Cheers. YouTube link:  "Nature Boy"

D'oh! 1.5 months this time... Had a little bit of a creative crisis.. Anyway, couple of days ago my good friend Mitko (Violent Moods, www.myspace.com/violentmoodspointed me to an interesting profile (http://www.myspace.com/moonssoul2) where I was pleasantly surprised by a very deep, soft, atlas like vocals of the French girl Moon (I doubt it's her real name..). In her profile she's posted an original song "The Travel" - a strangely mesmerizing combination of minimalistic arrangement and kind of jazzy vocals. I've decided to complement her song with my own flavor of sounds, beats and whatever else I do best and voia la - here's the result "The Travel". Check it out... 

Can't believe it's been a month since my last track... Here's a new one - it's an oldie but a goodie - "Nature Boy". It's a remake of Nat King Cole's original recorded sometime in the 50's. I believe David Bowie did a cover of this song with Massive Attack. But my version is bettah!!! :))) Anyway,  I think I've managed to keep that haunting feeling the original song had...  Enjoy, my little psm-ers... :))

Met up with Mark (my drummer from the late PSM band) and recorded him drum with 1 pair of stereo mics in the basement of his house. Took the wave track home, loaded in to Acid, added my vocals, extra acoustic guitar rythm, lead, bass, uhm, what else.. couple of things here and there... The song is pretty famous - "Where Is My Mind (Pixies, PSM cover)". Check it out. I think it came out OK.. Might need to adjust the eq on the bass though...

Hmm, decided to make a video clip for my remix of Bang-Bang. After giving it a little bit more of thought I realized that it'd be pretty freaking hard to shoot my own video and edit it down to 4 minutes, so I decided to use Kill Bill footage and just create a "trailer" so-to-speak with my remixed track as a soundtrack. It's my first attempt at doing video editing, so don't judge too harshly. :)) Check it out here: "Bang-Bang". YouTube has converted it in to a mono sounding track for some reason... hmm..

I did it! I quit drinking coffee. Period. And the reason for that is my anxiety was through the roof. I mean like really up there. Driving in traffic made me feel like I had a Tourette's syndrom. It's been 2 weeks now and I'm a lot more relaxed, chilled out and ceased pondering about mortality. However, the schizophrenia is kicking in. The healthy one, more of a self-analytical type. Hence a new track - "Monster". It sounds as if I'm singing about someone. That someone is pretty much.. well.. me..

Aight, back to the trippy side of the Peach Stealing Monkeys!! :) The new track is up - "Defy", it sounds a bit like "life in mono".. or not.. I might be full of it.. Anyway, check it out! :)

Another musical installment from my little ukulele - this time it's a very pretty track "Ever Fallen In Love". Looks like I'm on the roll for ukulele.. lele..lah--lahalala...

Decided to dust off my ukulele and record something else with it. This time it's Ricky Nelson's classic and his first hit "Poor Little Fool". Check it out.. (click on the song name).

Big news this time - PSM has won the 8mm remix contest on the acidplanet. Here's the link to the winning page: http://www.acidplanet.com/contests/8mm/
The news came rather unexpectedly, the judging took very long so by the time it was announced I already forgot about this producer's battle. Well, still have no idea why I won, but I guess it might be something to do with the 'noire' genre approach as many have noticed. The gift basket is awesome though... really awesome... :))

Honestly I think every single artist has to graduate from the "School of Summertime".... Here's my diploma - "Summertime". As usual - the vocals are by the crystal fragile Christine Lunaire... :))

I think I'm on the roll this month... hmm.. Got stuck at work, then spent couple of hours mixing acid6.0 dvd's loops at my desk and came up with this little wierdness: "Have you ever...". It's a trip-hop mix with a swing chorus. Doubt there's anything else that can be said about this strange track.

Ok, download should work fine now.. :))
I'm going back to my trip-hop roots (ha-ha) with the newest addition -  "Beautiful Life". The song was made possible with the vocals and lyrics by the extremely talented Christine Lunaire (http://www.myspace.com/christinelunaire) from Austin, TX. We've met on myspace.com in November of 2006 when I did a remix of one of her songs from "Rousheauproject". Since then we've already done 3 songs and it seems that we didn't meet for nothing. I'm amazed by Christine's energy and desire to sing and constantly deliver the results so-to-speak. Her vocals are extremely dynamic, smooth, powerful and possess quite a bit of a range. Anyway, give it a listen, see if you like it... Cheers.

I don't think I can stay off music for a long time. It's like a drug to me. I took a 1 week long break and felt like something was missing. So yesterday I came up with a fast new track that I literally recorded in under 3 hours and then spent another 30 minutes on polishing some rough edges. I've got a little bit of a sinus problem so the vocals sound a bit funny.. I hope not that funny.. "The One For Me". The lyrics are originally by LoveBug from Netpoets.com, even though I've adapted them for a song and you can find them here Lyrics - The-One-For-Me

So I was watching "Scrubs", heard the acapella version of "over the rainbow".. then heard another song in Rice Krispies cereal commercial.. anyway, both of them had the ukulele playing. I got so in to it so I went to the store and picked one up for myself. Played with it for couple hours, learned some chords (they're all different from the regular guitar) and recorded this -  "Sea of Love (for ukulele)"

Here's another remix contest entry that I think is worth listening "8mm-Stunning", by yours truly of course. Give it a listen and leave a review, if possible...

Yahoo!! I'm the winner of one of the remix contests that are constantly taking place on Acid Planet. This one was for Julie Moffitt (Burst Records) and my remix was found to be the best of them all. Here's a link to the article and my version:  http://www.acidplanet.com/contests/juliemoffitt

Another addition to PSM upcoming album "The Missing Link Of The Lo Fi".. If it'll ever get released... I think 10 songs should do it.. or may be 11.. we'll see
Anyway here's a new track called "
Lovely Ghost". It's amazing how some songs take days and others take hours...

Ok, finally finished something new... - "Sleepless Night"
I don't think I've ever spent so much time on a track. It took me 4 months to complete this one. The arrangement of the song was changed three times from a plain 4x4 down-tempo to the current pop-ish like trip-hop (trip-pop). If you listen to the lyrics of it you might pick up on the reason why I didn't give it up...

Another new song is up - "Where Did You Sleep Last Night"
The second you hear it you will recognize the undying American Folk classic originally written by Lead Belly. I believe "Nirvana" also did a remake of this song...

Our track "In The Air" hit #1 spot in all charts on "Acidplanet.com" music portal, which was a home to our first records since 1999 (under a different profile). Anyway, the track stayed #1 for about a week and got more then a thousand hits and still counting. We think this is one of our highest achievements in this business (yeah, rite)...

Peach Stealing Monkeys are finally part of something. The UGLY NEPHEW RECORDS has published a compilation album where they used 2 compositions from our recent works. The album is available on CDBABY.COM for sale at http://cdbaby.com/cd/uglynephewrecs

Go there and BUY IT!!!

from the Album Description:

"...The philosophy behind Ugly Nephew Records is to contradict the major labels in two important ways. First we sell our music as cheaply as we can. Secondly we create music specifically tailored for niche markets rather than made as general (and unfulfilling) as possible. Hopefully Reverse Causality is a strong first-step in this direction...."

Keep your friends close, but your Peach Stealing Monkeys closer...

For the old music experiences go to:   www.terkin.com